Jobs in the new media market

So what’s going on? A couple weeks ago the second section of my Professional Writing class was privileged to participate in a Skype chat discussion with Reginald Ponder, who has a heavy hand in the media market of today’s world. He offered different perspectives and interpretations on the types of jobs available to someone looking to work in the media, which is important as print jobs in journalism are steadily decreasing.

Fields he mentioned include a “media career,” which he outlines as a focus on how to buy and sell media, becoming a “media guru”; a member of public relations; and the promotional aspect of marketing. These jobs are moving into the forefront of late because there is a new demand for them, especially public relations. Mr. Ponder outlined that working with public relations required good writing and people skills, and it was important that one know how to influence people.

This idea cemented current knowledge, for one has to be able to relate to others in this day and age if the product (or opinion) is to sell. With advertising and many market segments linking to areas of new media – video games, movies, television – new strategies are in effect changing the face of media.


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