You are not your degree.

Such are the first words of Anaezi Modu, a Fast Company blogger and innovator of ReBrand™, a “global resource for visual examples and case studies on effective brand transformations.” Ms. Modu offered the Professional Writing class important things to consider when en route toward developing a career.

“You are not your degree” translates to looking beyond the confines your major would like to put you in; she stresses people to “get out of the box” others have put you in as you forge your own personal identity, your personal brand. Branding, she explains, is the “look and feel of you,” the “sum total of experiences with a person, place, or thing” and therefore not one defining aspect of a person brands them. Your brand is you, and every aspect you put into displaying who you are and what you have to offer correlates to your return on investment.

Regarding, it is the direct evolution of this philosophy – as Ms. Modu was an architecture student, with degrees from Princeton, one of the fundamental areas in design is what is the main focus? What do you want others to see and notice upon looking at the infrastructure? Applying this thought of looking outside the box, she then asks, “Who says I have to design a building?” In identifying a niche, a new way of looking at what is in front of you, she applies this idea of physical space that an architect uses, to the abstract view modeled in a website. Rebrand focuses on how people access information and who is accessing it, and offers experiences on how to then transform this information to improve usability.

Such a concept is vital in today’s world, as the use and importance of internet and the success of “new media” grows.

Interview with Ms. Modu by Chris Butler

Visit her website:


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