Importance of Social Media

Lena West is the CEO and Chief Strategist of xynoMedia Technology, a New York-based firm that helps high-growth companies leverage the power of social media, blogs, podcasts and online communities. A few weeks ago she discussed what a “social media strategist” entailed, and where new media was headed.

Media, expressly, is now interactive, compared to ten years ago, when one couldn’t actively participate with regard to the content published on-line. The internet’s now cost-effective, and with the sweep of what is being called “Web 2.0”, there is less static with how things are viewed and circulated, as ideas and strategies constantly fluctuate and redefine themselves.

Social media, as Ms. West describes roughly, “the use of media to be social,” is extremely revolutionary in that it was a medium used by consumers first, and then actively pursued by corporations to market themselves directly to their target audiences. A criticism West had, however, was the relative lack of businesses that are actively involved in utilizing social media, which should not be confused with social networking. Social media is an arching term that social networking falls under, as applications such as Twitter and Facebook are social networking tools.

West relates that it is important for companies to understand and recognize the power of social media in today’s market; therefore, while still growing, its increasing influence in the popularity of consumer purchasing is credit to its value to corporate marketing strategy.


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